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yes, i know i'm late.
i'm sorry Jengsis [ profile] vitong.
but still June 16 here, so.
Happy Birthday, dear! *hugs*
hope everythings will going well from now on.
hope we can go somewhere and flailing again soon.
you know i will always here eventhough maybe i'm not around (huh?)

so, here a little gift (?) for you?
maybe you already cut it or at least watch it though.
hahah. sorry, idk anymore what should i give for you.

we are fighting )

call his name, Jengsis. He will come to you. (>.<)

okay, hope you like (?) my gift.
hope we can be friend forever.
yoroshiku ne.
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Selamat siaaaaang....
Aku mau curhat dikit ah disini.
Jadi, semalem kan aku nonton ansatsu yang graduation, di b*itz jogja ya.
Aku nonton yang jam setengah 9 malem.
Aku nonton sendiri. (untung masih ada deposit di kartu, jd gak keluar uang deh)
Soalnya gak ada yang bisa diajakin.
Dan aku kepengen banget liat Suda di bioskop!
Jadi, aku tetap nekat nonton sendiri.

sebelumnya aku minta maaf ya kalau aku rada kasar atau gimana. Cuma aku rada kesel dan sedih aja gitu.
Masak ya, sebelahku, dateng-dateng langsung naikin kaki ke kursi di depannya.
terus orang-orang mulai datang. Dan dia nanya ke temennya "depan kita ada orang gak sih?" Dan temennya mgkn jawab "ada mungkin' yang jelas yang sebelahku ngomong lagi "jadi gak bisa naruh kaki sembarangan dong?"
Dalam hati aku ngomong "ada atau gak, gak boleh gitu. gak diajarin orang tua? Sekolah dimana sih?"
Terus waktu film berlangsung, sebelahku dan sebelahku lainnya (karena aku diapit ya) treak, berisik, fangirl-an kayak di kamar sendiri gitu.
Serius, pilihanku harusnya bener, mending kalau nonton beginian lagi, di pojokan aja biar gak denger orang ber-fangirl . (Maafkan)

Ya.. cm mikir aja sih. Behave gt. Kan gak semua nonton karena yang maen. Dan mereka juga pengen nonton dengan tenang. Bawa bantal apa apa gitu buat meredam suara gt lho....

Tapi Suda sama J ..... bikin saya lemaaaaaaaah


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Happy New Year for all!!! (who already celebrate)

Read more... )

thats all.
sorry for this post.
i know, this is not interesting at all. lol
thank you for reading.

kotoshi mo YOROSHIKU!!!!!!
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*crying hard*

this is really sad.
im crying for real.
my laptop is broken.
when i think i want to upgrade my laptop, he already broken now. *crying*
when im thinking "maybe i should give up with fandom?"
im tired. idk why, just, tired.
but then this is happen.
*deep sigh*
it hurts me so much.
*tell me im exaggerating, but really. its hurts*

but again, i wont disappointed LoA's members, so, i will try my best.
please bear it with me till i really cant do anything for fandom?

ijou. iro iro gomenasai.

pOe deshita

Edit :
so, actually i more lucky (?) because actually im not really need the data in the laptop.
so when they say "you need to replace your HD because its broken" i lightly say "yes, please"
but then, i remember "I HAVE A LOT OF BACKUP PHOTO THERE!!!!"
from twitter, instagram, from my phone too.. orz
then i feel really sad, again. #deepsigh

Edit 2:
thank you so much for your concern, my friends! *hugs*
i love you all!!!
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so, i know out there already a lot of people share their DVDrip.
im still on my way.. hahaha.
because my scan at home. #sigh
but, i want to share this cut 1st...

serenade )

please comment if taking
please try using VLC if MPC/other media player not working.
mirror really welcome.
thank you

*aaah, i miss them already~*
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[Error: unknown template qotd]uhm, not really, but maybe yes #oi

i know what Sam and Dean (and supernatural's taught me)

okay, ignore me.
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so, i want to sale 3 tickets of Takizawa Kabuki

info :

[Sale] Takizawa Kabuki (3 tickets)
August 22, 7:30
Class: B Reserve
SGD 90 / IDR 900,000

thank you ^^
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im cut this for you!!!


sorry, im late, but i cut this when its your birthday! lol

here )

hope you can get what you want.
your life more brighter. etc etc (aah, i always bad with this kind of greeting (?) )

uhm, can i asking one thing?
please, dont train your muscles more than this.
i cant take it anymore...
you want me nosebleed? #oi

and I WISH, we can meet at AUGUST!!!!!!!!

please comment if taking.
please try using VLC if MPC/other media player not working.
mirror really welcome.
thank you

*pic is from miki_love21's twitter. thank you so much [ profile] housekini for search it for me*
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so, yesterday, i lost my file..
around 95 Giga..
fortunately, i can recovery it, but still some files, cant.
but i know what i lost.

but the links still there, so i can DL it right away..

but, not Pi concert, A NUDE..
i tried to search in Pi's community, but link already die..
so, if someone willing to help me found the concert, (download link), please tell me.
thank you!!!

thank you [ profile] queen_maharani [ profile] izzyosa75 [ profile] housekini [ profile] arashifann for help *hugs*
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hi, its me agaaain~
sharing this as well..

here )

you can get Kinkyori Renai~Season Zero~ here

EngSub here (thank you [ profile] super_linh for telling)

please comment if taking
mirror really welcome.
thank you

NB :
1. when i found raw one, i will update this.
just, comment if you want to be notif.

2. I found this video Snow Smile PV (thank you Hazel for this)
found my Kentaro and Komatsu here... #sigh she betray Pi #not #lol #ignore me

ONCE AGAIN, HAPPY #0409 !!!!!!!!!
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Hello Hello... it's me again~

Finally, my community done created..
Thank you so much [ profile] dekkawai for helping me *send you a lot of love*

Once again, you can un-friend me.
If you are here because of dorama or video i share, i move it to my new community.
so, you can un-friend me.

And, because of i reach my limit, so i will un-friend who are silent reader (?)..
Because i need space.
Its not like i wont be friend with you.
And this journal become open again.
So you can see my silly entry. orz

The community is same with this journal.
Nothing new.
And maybe still not tidy (?), but i do my best (fiuh)

So, if you want to join my community
Go to [ profile] light_of_angels
*name is lame, and reason i choose that name more lame orz *

So, thank you so much for all of you.
For always with me in this almost 2 years (?)..

Yoroshiku ne (^_^) ♥

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1st of all..
im sorry to all people who adding me...
im sorry, i cant adding you back
because, i reach limit for adding friend(s)..

error add

so, i cant adding you back...
i will make community..
you have to join again though..
but you can unfriend me here..
because i will move all there...
you cant find anything here..
maybe just a random stuff (but i always random, right?
but really, you can un-friend me here..
(i never expected that i will reach this, you know, i want to open, but then that video-arrested-happen, that why. i'm sorry)

i will tell you when my community is ready, and i hope you understand..

actually, im too lazy to make community (?) because i cant make banner and anything.
you know, i want my community not plain.. orz

so, once again, sorry for the one who adding me.
i will make community ASAP!

NB :
if anyone can make one, for me..
i cant give a award or something though..
you know i love Travis Japan (especially Noel) and Snow Man (especially Iwamoto Hikaru)
so, yeah, i want them in my banner (?) orz
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no, im not update..
just, quick entry..

got the message from [ profile] k1s3k1
said that...

can you make post to get people to request DramaFever to sub winter 2015 dramas?
link is -->

DramaFever only does Fuji and NTV dramas, so can request "Date", "Zannen na Otto", "Marumaru Tsuma", "Mondai no Aru Restaurant"
But you can do multiple requests :)

Hopefully with more people requesting DramaFever will pick up a drama or two!

so, please everyone...
spread this word (?)

i already UL Mondai no Aru Restaurant and Date..
but not post it because im afraid i will drop it because none sub that dorama..

thank you!
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just wanna asking...

anyone, do you know where i can get Cinderella Date's dorama..
i think Shoki (Johnny's Jr) and Kazama Shunsuke there too..
but i cant find it anywhere...

thank you
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sorry, i think i can't cutting SC again..

my laptop broken..
so, im really sorry..

maybe someday i will cut, but idk..

im really sorry!!!!!


Oct. 8th, 2014 03:50 pm
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hi, sorry for sudden announcement (?)
because i saw this video, that (maybe) Banimotion (source online in dailymotion) being arrested, then i will make this journal become friend only..
and here for translation (?) for video *thank you [ profile] coolohoh for let me know

so, who already add me, i will adding you back..
and if i dont (maybe i missing it), please tell me, then i will add you back...
i'm really sorry..


so i can know if someone added me and i can added you back..
and if you dont have LJ account, please make one, so i can adding you back..
thank you and i'm sorry..
*deep bow*

-- done adding back.. if i miss, please tell me. please comment below, so i can adding you.. and i will adding you back, i promise, but maybe not fast, but i will do ASAP.. im not online 24hours.. thank you--

please, keep this in your mind!

thank you, enjoy your tour (?) and, you can call me, pOe....

yoroshiku ^^

little tips : if you comment in my dorama (paused) or movie, raw one.. if i know the sub is out, i will notif you (^_^)


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